Own A Bunny Rabbit or Thinking of Owning One?

Rabbit Lover Reveals Her Secrets Guaranteed To Raise a Healthy, Fun, and Loving Bunny!”

From the desk of Elizabeth Connor

Dear Fellow Bunny Rabbit Enthusiast,

When you first adopted your bunny or rabbit… Did you foresee the pet to be a bundle of joy for the entire family?

Did you picture yourself spending quality time with the rabbit, or chasing it all around the house trying to clean up after it?

I’m amused. Despite spending roughly 68% of the time with our pets, most rabbit owners have absolutely no idea how to make their rabbits truly happy and healthy.

Instead, much of this time is spent on frustrating activity, such as dealing with an attitude bunny, cleaning up their dropped poop, or stopping them from chewing expensive upholstery.

Let’s face it. Rabbit ownership is not as easy as it looks, especially when you’re a first time owner. There are so many nitty-gritty details to take care of that can make you feel overwhelmed.

But if you want to take the right shortcuts and learn how to care for your rabbit just like a Mother-Bun with years of experience, I sincerely urge you to spend the next few minutes reading through the rest of this page very carefully…

Secrets To Understanding Your Bunny Rabbit

Do you know what it takes to make your rabbit feel over the top, content and like a million dollars?

Mind you, I’m not just talking about the warm, fuzzy feeling your rabbit gets when you give it the occasional pet on-the-head, or how it nuzzles when you stroke it gently in your lap.

I’m talking about fully understanding your rabbit’s every little quirk, and giving it a 5 Diamond treatment, just as what you would expect from a top end, luxury hotel.

Now here’s the problem – Most people think that giving their rabbits the best care to be terribly expensive and time-consuming. They think it is not worth the effort to spend so much time on their rabbits – which is sad and completely false.

But here’s what experienced rabbit owners know that the rest do not:

  1. Rabbits are quite independent and easy to care for. They are not high maintenance pets – however short focused intervals of love are best for bunnies

  2. That for just pennies on the dollar, you can create a happy home for your rabbit. (No need to break the bank and spend hundreds of dollars at a pet store)

  3. Most importantly, they know that a happy rabbit is an obedient rabbit!

Trust me, if you know how to read your pet bunny like a book and respond to its needs, you will never be puzzled or frustrated about problematic bun-behavior ever again!

Have A Self Confessed Bunny Rabbit Lover
Tell You All Her Secrets!

bunny secrets book cover 1

I wish I had someone to tell me all this when I first started out. It took me years of continuous learning and talking to several experienced rabbit owners before I could feel confident with all my decisions for my little bunnies on my own.

Now close to a decade later (I’m getting old), I’m happy to share all that I know with you. There are even little tricks and things you can do immediately with no need to go out and buy anything.

Don’t believe me? I’ll even give you a complete bunny rabbit health kit as a free bonus!


“I have owned rabbits for years and thought I knew a lot about them, but you proved me dead wrong!

Thanks to you I’m now building a proper bunny sanctuary at home, something which I put off for YEARS because no one could tell me the right way to do it.

Elizabeth, I don’t know how you manage to do it but you have thoroughly impressed an old timer like me. Your advice has my highest recommendations.”

— Jenny and Mini Chocolate

Introducing The Step-by-Step Guide To Bunny Rabbit Ownership With Nothing Left Out

Choosing A Rabbit


The smart guide to choosing a bunny for you! – Knowing this can help you make an informed decision that will save you much time and effort


What you should know about buying a rabbit from a breeder, or pet store, and where I recommend is the best and worst places you can ever search for one (70% of new or returning bunny owners make this mistake which they regret later!)


What questions to ask, and what to look out for to guarantee that the rabbits you adopt are healthy, and trouble free (if you fail to make note of these, you can actually set yourself up for a world of trouble)

Elizabeth, I have read enough… Reserve my copy now!

Elizabeth, I still need some convincing… I would like to get my Free Bunny Rabbit Health Kit right now!

Understanding Your Rabbit


How to build a special bond of trust, and comfort with your pet bunny, which is crucial because without that bond, you will never be able to develop a true relationship with your rabbit


Why rabbits are actually very intelligent animals, and how to get your pet rabbit to perform tricks – tricks are not just for kids anymore!


How the grunts and other sounds that your rabbit makes actually reflect its mood and intention at that exact moment


The entire rabbit body language deciphered – Learn what it means when your bunny flattens her ears, shuts her eyes, walk close to the ground or moves her tail around (this information is worth gold to rabbit owners)

Elizabeth, I have read enough… Reserve my copy now!

Elizabeth, I still need some convincing… I would like to get my Free Bunny Rabbit Health Kit right now!

Preparing Your Home


What you should definitely do to ensure that the life of your rabbit isn’t endangered, plus the top traps that will injure rabbits


Complete steps right down to the letter that you should take to introduce your bunny to other pets in the house, especially if you have a dog and why it works


Typical problematic behavior of rabbits and how to deal with them – What to do if your rabbit starts chewing electric wires or when your rabbit start spraying in the house (This one section alone can save hours of your time and lots of damaged furniture)


Your rabbit won’t use the litter box? Steps to quickly correct the problem

Elizabeth, I have read enough… Reserve my copy now!

Elizabeth, I still need some convincing… I would like to get my Free Bunny Rabbit Health Kit right now!

Caring For Your Rabbit


What are the essential elements rabbits must have in their diet and how you can provide for them


Reasons why your rabbit is finicky and won’t eat whatever is placed in front of them, plus how to use creativity to get your rabbit to slurp everything up in a snap


Plants your rabbit should never eat – knowing this can save your rabbit’s life


How to spend money wisely when selecting the best shelter for your bun-bun


How to assess the health condition of your rabbit, plus what are the most common symptoms you should look out for


Steps to take when your rabbit has an emergency: poisoning, electrocution, bite wounds, urination problems, and how to identify and communicate with your Vet to check that everything is normal


How to easily build your own Rabbit Playground for very little costs, or possibly even free!

Elizabeth, I have read enough… Reserve my copy now!

Elizabeth, I still need some convincing… I would like to get my Free Bunny Rabbit Health Kit right now!

You Are Getting An Incredible Resource
Crammed With Insights

Honestly, this ebook is jam-packed with everything I have learned; some from the mistakes I have made, reading up a shelf of rabbit books and listening to my vet. After living with these furry little guys for the past decade of my life I decided to put everything into one complete package to benefit the rabbit owner like you.

Quite frankly, I’m a bit hard pressed to release this collection of secrets myself because I have used them to earn some good sideline income as a pet-sitter for families.

But if you act immediately before I change my mind, the entire collection of time tested rabbit secrets is available for you at an introductory, low price of $9.95.

Plus if you reserve your copy today without delay, I’m going to sweeten the deal further by throwing in a series of exclusive special reportsvalued at over $20! I absolutely cannot guarantee that these special reports will be sold separately in the near future.


“Elizabeth, I always thought this was some information one could easily find on the Internet…

After reading Bunny Secrets, I’m convinced that there’s simply no better way to find out everything you wanted to know about rabbits!

Your book has helped me take care of rabbits like a pro. I highly recommend your book to anyone and everyone.”

Thank you Elizabeth.

— Phillip and Saber

maggie and bunny

“Elizabeth, I’ve just finished reading Bunny Secrets and quite frankly, I’m blown away by the amount of good, honest information which you gave away.

I read so many books on rabbits each year, including printed ones but your work stood out from all of them as a pleasant surprise.

I especially enjoyed your detailed instructions on how to introduce your new rabbit to a dog in the household and plan to teach it to everyone I know who is thinking of doing the same. To all rabbit owners: Get this book now!”

— Margaret “Maggie” Mariani
Homemaker, Owner of 2 rabbits

guarantee60 Days, Full Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that any bunny rabbit owner in the world will benefit immensely from the secrets I have presented in this book, that it is backed by a full 60 day guarantee. Go ahead, take it for a spin, and use as many secrets and strategies as you like for a full 60 day period.

If within 60 days, you are not convinced that this is the best and most concise guide ever written about bunny rabbits, simply return it for a prompt refund. I will even let you keep the special reports, valued at over $20, as gifts, just to thank you for giving my book a try!

Elizabeth, I still need some convincing… I would like to get my Free Bunny Rabbit Health Kit right now!

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It doesn’t matter if its 2:01 AM in the morning!

Do you want to spend hours in frustration trying to understand your rabbit? Will you know what to do in case of an emergency?

With this book, you get a complete, step by step blueprint to caring and grooming your own lavishly beautiful pet bunny for an unbeatable low price.

Make the right choice and go for it now. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Connor
Author, Bunny Secrets


P.S. What is the value of a lifelong, fun loving companion worth to you? For just the introductory price of $9.95, you get my all of my tricks and secrets, including a series of exclusive special reports worth well over $20! I cannot guarantee that the price will stay the same if you do not take action now!

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I understand that if I act now, I will receive an e-book filled with million dollar insights on how to best care for my rabbit!

In the unlikely event that I do not like this e-book, I’m entitled to return it for a full, unconditional, 100% money back refund and still get to keep the free exclusive bonus reports just for trying.

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