About Me

Dear Fellow Bunny Rabbit Enthusiast,


My name is Elizabeth Connor and I am the author of “Bunny Secrets: The Complete Bunny Guide for Rabbit Lovers!”.

This book is a compilation of many years worth of research, study, and raising bunny rabbits. As of this writing, my first bunny rabbit (a Netherland Dwarf) is still very much alive and kicking, even at the young age of 8.5 years (my Veterinarian told me the average is 5-6 years!). Over the years, I have really taken an interest in our little furry friends, and have been a key evangelist for them, encouraging my friends, family, and others the joys, blessings, and companionship that bunny rabbits can bring to enrich one’s life.

I’m also a supporter of my local Small Animal Rescue Society (SARS, no, not the virus), and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), and I encourage you to do the same. Due to the declining economy, a lot of pets are being abandoned, and not just bunny rabbits. It is a terrible, and rather unsettling normal occurrence that happens everyday in the United States and Canada. If there is anything that I could ever ask of you, it is to support your local SPCA, and help save some of our little friends from mistreatment, and abandonment.

I hope that with this book, you will be able to see just how simple, easy, and cost-effective it can be to raise a healthy, devoted, long-lasting companion (which is absolutely priceless in this type of economy).

Thank you for your interest in my book, and best wishes to you and your little companion(s)!

Elizabeth Connor